Our accomplished faculty serves in editorial positions with the Journal of Coordination Chemistry, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design, and European Chemical Bulletin, among others.

Several hold patents developed through their research, and are members and fellows of the American Chemical Society. Their impactful research on health- and materials-related chemistry contributes to answering some of society’s most pressing scientific questions.

Recent Grants include:

  • Sergio Granados-Focil and Luis Smith, National Science Foundation: “An integrated study of ion dynamics and population distributions to understand the molecular underpinnings of charge transport through self-assembled solid polymer electrolytes”
  • Noel Lazo, National Institutes of Health (National Institute on Aging): “Determinants of the Proteolytic Degradation of Soluble Amyloid-beta”
  • Sergio Granados-Focil, in collaboration with Steven Van Dessel of WPI’s Civil Engineering Department, National Science Foundation: “Collaborative Research: Adaptive Building Enclosure Systems Using Cellular Solid-Solid Phase Change Materials With Variable Transparency”
  • Donald Spratt, National Institutes of Health (National Institute of General Medical Sciences): “Structure and Mechanism of HECT E3 Ubiquitin Ligases”


Submissions from 2023


Linear Mn(II)4Ln(III)2 (Ln = Gd, Dy, Tb) heterometallic complexes from a ditopic hydrazone ligand: Slow magnetic relaxation in Mn4Dy2 complex, Azeem Shakeel, Hamed Bakhshi, Touqeer Ahmed, Lara Watanabe, Mark Turnbull, Ahmed Al-Harrasi, and Muhammad U. Anwar