About Clark Digital Commons

Clark Digital Commons is a is a full-text, multi-media, online depository that provides access to the diverse array of scholarly and creative works produced or housed at Clark University. It is a service of the Goddard Library and Information Technology Services (ITS) at Clark University.

The content of the repository is discoverable by Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines, which makes it easy to share and collaborate with anyone connected to the Internet. The content is available to be used responsibly under fair use for personal and educational purposes or with the permission of the authors or copyright holders.

Collections can include a wide variety of publication types and materials. Materials appropriate for Clark Digital Commons include conference abstracts, manuscripts, capstones, monographs, book chapters, photographs, digital files, research papers, poster presentations, newsletters, data sets, sound files, working papers, videos, technical reports, annual reports, and more.

Materials posted here are copyrighted by their authors and/or publishers, rights are reserved unless otherwise noted. Members of the Clark community are invited to contribute scholarship for long-term preservation and worldwide electronic accessibility through Clark Digital Commons.

About Institutional Repositories in general

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