Punk Play


Raymond Munro



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November 11-14, 18-20

Michelson Theatre, Little Center, Clark University

Director: Raymond Munro

Producer: Gino Dilorio

Technical Director: Kevin McGerigle

Costumes: Jessie Darrell

Video: Stephen Dirado

Makeup: Kelly Spingler

Pre-Show Band Manager: Chip O'Connor

Skate Advisor: Doreen Manning

Publicist: Tina Zlody

Assisant Director: Christine Durant

Stage Manager: Michelle Houle

Assistant Stage Manager: Emma Bellel

Set Designer: Kevin McGerigle

Lighting Designer: Nate Oppenheim

Sound Board Operator: Katie Stone

Wardrobe Mistress: Alana Osborn-Lief

Stage Crew: Technical Theatre Course

Violinists: Elisabeth Batch, Victoria Goldberg, Louisa Hawkins, Karissa Lear, Kirsten Peterson, Alfredo Salcedo, Labeeby Servatius, Melissa Skubel, Peter Sulski, Katarina Tatten, Lisa Villani, Rian Watt

Violists: Emily Glaubitz, Rosamund Hawkins, Angel Hernandez, David Hoenig, Theresa Lindboe, Heather McKenzie, Allison Schenkler

Cellists: Sarah Goodman, David Ogulnick, Caroline Reiner Williams


Duck: Ian Michaels

Mickey: Danny Zeliger

Marcel/Jack Sawtelle: Cameron Miller

Sue Gicki: Lily Nishinira

Ines: Alana Osborn-Lief

Ronald Raegan: Alison Russo

Voice on Tape: Gino Diliorio

Puppets: Aya Molnar, Lily Nishinira, Alana Osborn- Lief

Publication Date

Fall 11-2011




Clark University, Visual and Performing Arts, Clark Arts, Punk Play, Ray Munro


Punk Play was written by Gregory S. Moss that displays the 1980s punk rock culture through the story of an outsider boy and his new runaway friend.

Punk Play

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