Scholarly Undergraduate Research Journal at Clark (SURJ)



Who Can Submit?

Clark University undergraduate students, and alumni from within the last two years, are welcome to submit their research to SURJ. The majority of their work MUST have been conducted during their undergraduate career, no matter where it occurred. Individuals submitting an original article for consideration may do so, provided that they own the copyright to the work, or are authorized by the copyright owner(s) to submit the article.

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Submission Rules

Work should be submitted electronically to the Clark Digital Commons, which requires the creation of an account. An author agreement is required to be completed, and submission guidelines must be followed. For consideration of work, your sponsoring faculty’s signature is required. If the submission is independent student work, with no faculty sponsorship, please contact the editors (surj@clarku.edu). Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

SURJ focuses, primarily, on academic research publications. For pieces that may not fit within our parameters, the following publications are recommended:
STIR: The life, culture, and style magazine featuring the talents of Clark photographers, writers, artists, and graphic designers.
Caesura: Clark’s literary magazine featuring student artwork, poetry, essays, prose, and creative non-fiction.
The Scarlet: The student newspaper of Clark University.

For detailed formatting and submission guidelines, please refer to the Submission Guidelines page.

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Copyright and Exclusivity Rights

SURJ reserves the right to reproduce and reprint any published article for promotional and other pragmatic purposes. After publication, however, the authors retain all copyrights which will allow them to publish, present, and/or use all or any part of their contributions for their own purposes.

Additionally, SURJ waives its exclusivity rights to the authors’ published work. This means the authors retain the right to present their research in any other publication, proceeding, or presentation. Please note however that many professional journals require exclusive rights to authors’ published work. While SURJ will allow authors to publish elsewhere, many journals do not. Publication of your original data in SURJ therefore may deter your ability to publish in other professional journals and therefore we strongly encourage that the authors check the policies of other journals in which they may publish to ensure there are no exclusivity conflicts. Journals may have provisions for student journals. Additionally, in such circumstances we encourage authors to consider submitting a Communication, while omitting major data sets intended for publication elsewhere.