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The purpose of this report is to estimate radiation doses to the thyroid gland and risk of thyroid cancer incidence for individuals exposed to I-131 in fallout from nuclear weapons tested at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) and in releases from different nuclear facilities operated in the United States. Estimates are produced for individuals living around Oak Ridge, Tennessee, who were exposed both to I-131 from NTS fallout and to I-131 released from the X-10 nuclear facility; for individuals living around Hanford, Washington, who were exposed both to I-131 from NTS fallout and to I-131 released from the Hanford facility; and for individuals living in other regions of the country where they were exposed only to I-131 from NTS fallout. Individuals in the latter group lived mostly in areas of Utah, Montana, and Idaho, where deposition of I-131 is known to have been larger than average deposition across the U.S.

This research was completed money allocated during Round 2 of the Citizens’ Monitoring and Technical Assessment Fund (MTA Fund). Clark University was named conservator of these works.

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Thyroid Doses and Risk of Thyroid Cancer For Members of Public Exposed to I-131



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