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This report provides exposure estimates to assist epidemiologists in deciding on the effectiveness of studies of radiation-induced disease around the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL). Developing such estimates was a difficult challenge, because the site is extremely complex from the meteorological perspective, there is limited information available about releases of radioactivity in the 1950s and 60s, and some meteorological data is withheld by the plant owner. As a result, the estimates in this report are limited to scoping calculations that carry a wide range of uncertainty, complicating their use for estimation of statistical power. Nevertheless, they represent the current state of knowledge about the accident and its consequences, as reflected in the opinion of experts who have analyzed the event.

This research was completed money allocated during Round 2 of the Citizens’ Monitoring and Technical Assessment Fund (MTA Fund). Clark University was named conservator of these works.

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nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons testing, environment, non-governmental organizations, United States Department of Energy, tribal governments, environmental cleanup, radioactive fallout, radioactive waste


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Feasibility of Developing Exposure Estimates for Use in Epidemiological Studies of Radioactive Emissions from the Santa Susana Field Laboratory



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