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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


School of Professional Studies

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Mary Piecewicz


The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between the impact of historical trauma and barriers on African-American males and the effects of emotional intelligence in reducing traumatic experiences. This research study is based on previous research and studies that explores the historical review of African- American oppression, trauma in black males, and mental health in the African American community. This study will utilize the historical trauma and emotional intelligence theories to explore barriers that African Americans have experienced over time and the role emotional intelligence can play to reduce trauma. It also explores the relevance of historical trauma and addresses opportunities for the implementation of emotional intelligence to improve mental health for African American males. This study will address the questions: How does historical trauma impact mental health in African American males? What are the barriers that African American males are exposed to that leads to traumatic experiences? What are the ways that emotional intelligence can improve mental health for African American males? The design of the correlative study is to explore the systematic barriers from the views of the African American community. The research reveals that although there have been several systematic barriers identified that impact mental health in the African American community, there has not been a sufficient amount of empirical research on emotional intelligence in African American males or on emotional intelligence to reduce trauma. Finally, for future analysis, this study recommends further research on emotional intelligence in the African American community.



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