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Spring 5-6-2013

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What are the challenges faced in treating Hypertension in the Worcester African Immigrant Community?

This study investigates the relationship between the understanding of high blood pressure, and the ability and willingness to modify behavior among African patients at Akwaaba, a free health clinic in Worcester, Massachusetts. In this research, our team specifically explores how the understanding of lifestyle risk factors of hypertension, such as diet, exercise, and levels of stress, influence the willingness and ability to modify behavior among African born patients at Akwaaba. What become clear was that language barriers, cultural differences, and approach to health care within the African population at Akwaaba inhibit the ability to follow dietary and medication regimens. Medical literacy may in fact be a factor in adherence to treatment but our research does not provide solid enough evidence to argue that. We did however find conclusive data mainly from the providers about barriers to care.


Akwaaba, Hypertension, Immigrant, Health Care, Worcester, African

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