Pueblo of Jemez



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This report describes the results of radioisotope measurement in air samples obtained in the Valles Caldera National Preserve (the Caldera) in northern New Mexico. The study measured Gross Alpha and Beta radiation as well as concentrations of Plutonium, Uranium and Americium isotopes. The Preserve is the ancestral domain of the Jemez (Hey’-mes) Pueblo Indians and is the location of countless Jemez cultural artifacts, shrines and holy places. The Caldera is also a sensitive and unique ecosystem that supplies the Jemez people with traditional plants and minerals as well as game for food. The head waters of the Jemez River form in the expansive Valles Grande (see cover photo) within the Preserve and eventually flow through the Pueblo itself, 40 miles to the south, providing irrigation and drinking water to the 2500 inhabitants of the Pueblo.

This research was completed money allocated during Round 6 of the Citizens’ Monitoring and Technical Assessment Fund (MTA Fund). Clark University was named conservator of these works.

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Pueblo of Jemez




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Jemez Pueblo, NM

Radioisotope Sampling in the Valles Caldera National Preserve



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