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Past releases to the environment from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Y- 12 Plant have been of continuing concern to Oak Ridge and downstream communities since the release of mercury, uranium, and other contaminants were made public beginning in 1983. These releases continue to affect the region in many ways today. The intent of this report is to ensure we do not forget what has transpired in this community and to provide a clearer understanding of the impacts on local property owners, particularly those along the East Fork Poplar Creek (EFPC).

This document is intended to serve as an all-inclusive reference document that can be used by community members and others interested in the DOE releases from Y-12. It particularly focuses on past releases via the EFPC. This report looks at impacts on EFPC property owners (e.g., economic and day-to-day land maintenance issues) and on members of the public (e.g., children who play in the floodplain or the creek and those who eat fish from the creek and/or downstream waterways).

Also available for download are two appendices for works cited in this report.

This research was completed money allocated during Round 2 of the Citizens’ Monitoring and Technical Assessment Fund (MTA Fund). Clark University was named conservator of these works.

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Impacts on Oak Ridge Landowners of Off-Site Releases to the Environment from the Y-12 Plant and Associated Long-Term Stewardship Issues



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