Sustainability and Social Justice

Date of Award


Degree Type



International Development, Community and Environment

Chief Instructor

William Fisher

Second Reader

Donna Gallo

Third Reader

Cynthia Caron, Laurie Ross


asset, assessment, development, Nigeria, capital, NGO, social business, strategic, women, research, stakeholder, implementation


This paper presents the findings of an asset assessment performed with women in a village southwest of Nigeria, Imasayi Ogun state. This paper not only describes the process and results of a qualitative study, but also presents the implementation plan for an NGO that will work with the women of Imasayi to implement community-wide development projects. The research upon which this paper is based used the framework of seven capital domains, which are then used in turn to structure findings, recommendations and NGO planning and analysis. For the purpose of this paper, the marketplace is identified as significant for Imasayi’s women and is discussed in detail in relation to two other asset types, roads and community connections. The paper concludes with an in depth discussion of the proposed plan for the NGO, including the strategic direction, asset assessment and stakeholder analysis of the research, value chain and governance of the NGO. The goal for the NGO is to create a path to work with marginalized women to identify assets and maximize their capital base.



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