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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


School of Professional Studies

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Kerry Morris, MPA, Adjunct Professor

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Kerry Morris


trauma-informed care, state policies, public organizations, Trauma-Informed Care Action Plan


Currently, one of the biggest struggles of both the U.S. government and its population is the high percentage of youth and adults who have mental illness which causes several drawbacks where it concerns the economy, but also, one of the main leading causes of death, and incarceration. This research paper demonstrates the advantages of implementing trauma-informed care (TIC) policies at a state level for public organizations such as Social Care, Schools., and Criminal System Justice. TIC is a recent approach that focuses on addressing the impact of early traumatic experiences in an individual’s life.

Results: The results found in this research paper show several advantages in implementing TIC policies at a state level, such as increasing the level of awareness across the community in regards to the impact of traumatic experiences, relieving individuals from additional costs caused by medical interventions, physical violence, or missed work, and increasing the number of trauma screenings helps identify early signs of trauma or mental illness which can help reduce the chance of developing a Serious Mental Illness. Therefore, the case study identifies some solutions to help implement TIC policies including creating a TIC agency, additional number of in-person visits for all incarcerated people, and yearly free trauma and mental health assessments.


(The City of Worcester is referenced on page 55)





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