School of Professional Studies

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Master’s in Information Technology


School of Professional Studies

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Richard Aroian


cyber security, healthcare cyber security, cyber threats, adaptive security


The healthcare industry is a vulnerable sector when it comes to cybercrime. To date, it continues to suffer the highest losses for twelve consecutive years (IBM, 2022). As care- providing systems depend more and more on technology, information assets become an appealing target for cyber criminals. Health data often contains sensitive and identifiable information such as full names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, Social Security Numbers, etc. All these falls under the term Personal Identifiable Information (PII) which are protected by many laws and acts with the purpose of protecting one’s privacy from harms such as identity theft and other fraudulent offenses. In addition to the privacy concern, there is also financial and reputational concerns involved. The health sector suffers frequents attacks and the number continues to grow every year. The purpose of this research thesis paper is to analyze the cyber defense technique Active Cyber Defense (ACD) in relation to the healthcare sector. It seeks to investigate the ways in which the health sector can benefit from incorporating ACD in its security strategy as well as analyzing the various security challenges that the health sector faces and how it attempts to address them. This research will be supported by research papers, government documents, reports, and articles.





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