Genocide (Various Languages)

Original Author

Krikor Guerguerian

Institutional Sponsor

Taner Akcam

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The resolution introduced by Ahmed Riza Bey [Ahmed Rıza] at the Ottoman Parliament, regarding the investigation of the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide; and the publishing of this resolution in Azadarmad.

The text introducing the contents of Guerguerian's book on the Armenian Genocide. Takvim-i Vekayi, number 3595, 12 July 1919

The encrypted telegraphs submitted to the Investigation Commission regarding the Armenian Genocide and the activities of the Special Organization in Sivas and Yozgat (this has been previously indexed).

The conviction of the Sheikh al-Islam Musa Kazim Efendi [Şeyhül İslam Musa Kazım]; the debates between Ali Kemal Bey of the Sabah newspaper and Yunus Nadi of the Yeni Gün [Yeni Gun] newspaper, regarding the issue of responsibility in the Armenian massacres (La Renaissance, number 7, 15 December 1918).

The 4-item Provisional Law regarding the deportation of Armenians, signed by Enver Pasha and sent to all of the military units.



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53 Parliament Debates - Genocide



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