Genocide (Various Languages)

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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An edict, dated 26 July 1915, stating that the all Armenians of Kayseri, except those that were Catholics, would be deported to Aleppo via the Nigde [Niğde] road by the Turkish government; and that the properties and goods would be registered by the commissions that would be established by the government.

Written correspondences sent by the government to the provinces dated May, June and July 1915, regarding the deportation of Armenians, the management of the abandoned properties and their conservation.

Highly confidential ordinances sent by the Ministries of War and Interior to the Kayseri Provincial District Government in August 1915, regarding the use of Armenian abandoned properties to meet the needs of the Army.

Tehcirle ilgili resmi telgrafların çevirisi

This document already exists.

A letter written to the Priest Garabed Kalfayan, the author of the books "Chomakhlu [Çomakhlu]" and "Kirk Yelits Hayots." It requests detailed information on some of the documents and contentious topics published in the books and asks questions about them.



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11 Deportation Telegrams - May - July 1915



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