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Disaster-induced displacement is on the rise. The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (Yonetani 2013; see Figure 1) estimates that in 2012 alone, 32.4 million people were displaced as a direct result of natural disasters or because they faced an acute threat of being affected by a natural disaster. These figures do not include populations affected by slower onset disasters such as drought and sea-level rise.

In addition to geophysical natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, over the last 30 years the number of climate-related disasters has increased (IPCC 2013; World Bank 2013a). Experts believe that such events are likely to become.

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Land Tenure and Disasters: Strengthening and Clarifying Land Rights in Disaster Risk Reduction and Post-Disaster Programming

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Disaster-induced displacement, disaster risk reduction, participatory planning, land tenure, resilience, post-disaster reconstruction

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