Earl Clement Davis Papers

Earl Clement Davis Papers

Earl Clement Davis (1876-1953) was a Unitarian minister from 1905, shortly after he got his Bachelor of Divinity, or S.T.B., degree from Harvard, until his death in 1953. Over this period he had four ministries: Unity Church, Pittsfield, Massachusetts (1905-1919); Church of our Father, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (1919-1924); Unitarian Church, Concord, New Hampshire (1924-1933); First Congregational Church-Unitarian, Petersham, Massachusetts (1933-1953). These pages include a selection of his sermons and other writings.

His grandson and namesake, Davis Baird (1954- ), prepared these pages from materials he inherited from his mother, Mary Warrington Davis Baird (1915-1987).

Please note that the materials in this collection will gradually appear over time. It is an ongoing project and will see considerable growth over the upcoming months.

While we have been entrusted with providing long-term access and preservation to the digitized versions of this collection, the original physical materials will eventually be held by the Harvard Divinity School Library.

All transcriptions are credited to Davis Baird. All biographical text and item-level descriptions are credited, either entirely or predominantly, to Davis Baird.


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Early Life and Documents

Harvard, 1902-1904

Pittsfield, Unity Church, 1905-1919

Lancaster, Church of Our Father, 1919-1924

Concord, Unitarian Church, 1924-1933

Petersham, First Congregational Parish Church, 1933-1953

Funeral, 1953 and After

Undated Materials