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This booklet collects The Fifth Annual Paul S. Clarkson lecture, about Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung's historic 1909 visit to Clark University. As Blaine E. Taylor write in their preface:

"Professor Koelsch helps the reader put the visit in perspective, carefully correcting claims that it introduced Freud to America or that original research was presented for the first time in the lectures. He also traces the importance of the visit to Clark for Carl Jung and the interesting relationship between Freud and Jung....Here is a complete record, full of insight and interesting asides, of the events that led to 'the most concise and lucid account in and out of Freud's writings of the birth of psychoanalysis'".

This booklet also features photographs and an exhibition catalog for an accompanying display of original Clark University materials relating to Freud's famous 1909 visit.


Friends of the Goddard Library


Sigmund Freud, Clark University, Carl Jung, psychoanalysis, lectures, Worcester, Massachusetts



Incredible day-dream : Freud and Jung at Clark, 1909



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