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Download Appendix I.A - USEPA Region 6 “Current Status” report on United Nuclear Corporation Church Rock Mill and Tailings Facility Superfund Site, March 2007 (83 KB)

Download Appendix II.A - Spreadsheets: CRUMP water resource and water quality compilations (68 KB)

Download Appendix II.B - Mine-water quality data from company and USEPA files (654 KB)

Download Appendix III.A - Quality Control Procedures for Using Hand-held Gamma Radiation Detectors (66 KB)

Download Appendix III.B - Summary of MARSSIM (Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual) guidance for conducting radiation surveys (377 KB)

Download Appendix III.C.1 - Churchrock Chapter House and Churchrock Village Area (2.0 MB)

Download Appendix III.C.2 - Springstead Estates (CRUMP Study Area C) (317 KB)

Download Appendix III.C.3 - Old Churchrock Mine-Section 17 and King Ranch Lands (CRUMP Study Area B) (464 KB)

Download Appendix III.C.4 - State Route 566 in Vicinity of UNC Uranium Mill and Tailings Disposal Facility, Including Pipeline Road (CRUMP Study Area A-2) (662 KB)

Download Appendix III.C.5 - Red Water Pond Road Area and Northeast Church Rock Mine (CRUMP Study Area A-1) (342 KB)

Download Appendix III.D - Powerpoint Summary of Gamma Radiation Surveys (2.6 MB)

Download Appendix IV.A - Spreadsheets containing results of laboratory analyses of Churchrock-area soil samples (259 KB)

Download Appendix IV.B - Powerpoint presentation on results of soil sampling in Churchrock area (974 KB)

Download Appendix IV.C - USEPA and Navajo Nation press releases announcing soil removal program in residential areas of Red Water Pond Road (237 KB)

Download Appendix V.A - Spreadsheets: Indoor radon test results (identifiers excluded) (65 KB)

Download Appendix VII.A - Resolution-petition of Red Water Pond Road and Pipeline Road residents, August 11, 2006 (558 KB)

Download Appendix VII.B - Site Assessment at Old Churchrock Mine, Churchrock Chapter, August 21, 2006; revised September 15, 2006 and May 11, 2007 (Powerpoint presentation) (2.2 MB)

Download Appendix VIII.A - Example of informational handouts given participants in tours of mining and residential areas of Churchrock and surrounding chapters (121 KB)

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The Church Rock Uranium Monitoring Project was initiated by Churchrock Chapter of the Navajo Nation in 2003 for the purposes of assessing environmental conditions in residential areas actually or potentially affected by abandoned uranium mines and building capacity to conduct community-based research and advocate for policies to address the long-term impacts of historic uranium development in the area.

This report contains eighteen separate appendices, all of which are available as the downloadable supplementary files. There is an additional appendix for this report called "Appendix III.C - Maps of Gamma Radiation Surveys Conducted by USEPA Scanner Van and Individual Surveyors Using Ludlum-19 Meters, October 2003" that we do not have.

This research was completed money allocated during Round 1 of the Citizens’ Monitoring and Technical Assessment Fund (MTA Fund). Clark University was named conservator of these works.

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Churchrock, NM

Church Rock Uranium Monitoring Project 2003-2007



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