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Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety (CCNS) contracted with Bernd Franke, Catherine M. Richards, M.S., Steve Wing, Ph.D., and David Richardson, Ph.D. to investigate the following public health issues concerning LANL emissions:

• Historical and current emissions of radioactive materials from LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory) operations into the air;

• Incidence and mortality rates for LAC (Los Alamos County) residents for 24 types of cancer compared with state and national reference populations; and

• Occupational health studies of LANL employees exposed to radionuclides.

These studies focus on localized impacts at LANL and in LAC. LANL employees and LAC residents may receive the highest dose of radiation because of their proximity to the facility. Therefore, exposure of LANL employees and LAC residents may serve as an indicator of impacts to those living in the surrounding communities.

This research was completed money allocated during Round 1 of the Citizens’ Monitoring and Technical Assessment Fund (MTA Fund). Clark University was named conservator of these works.

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Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety




nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons testing, environment, non-governmental organizations, United States Department of Energy, tribal governments, environmental cleanup, radioactive fallout, radioactive waste


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Santa Fe, NM

New Mexico's Right to Know: The Impacts of LANL Operations on Public Health and the Environment



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