Yozgat 07

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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The type, amount and dates acquired of all of the abandoned real properties under the control of Feyyaz Bey, the Foundations Official, must be reported.

Statements about the Armenians who were killed in the villages of Elekchiler [Elekçiler], Keller and Tashpinar [Taşpınar] and the Keller creek, and whose valuables were stolen and who, it is clear, had known Armenian shopkeepers from Town among them; on where the delegate Efendi was killed and how the ring that had been on his finger was found with Feyyaz Bey and by what means it ended up there.

Whether or not Feyyaz Bey is a member of the Yozgat Union and Progress Society, his number and the dates when he was part of the central council along with what his role was in the deportation.

As a result of abuses committed in connection with abandoned properties, Kemal Bey along with some of his friends were prosecuted in 1916 and 1917. The conclusion to this, along with information and documentation is requested. Questions on whether other processes have been pursued in connection with Accountant Vehbi and the Foundations Official Feyyaz Efendi who it is apparent, were part of the commission for abandoned properties.

While atrocities and massacres were being committed in the villages of Terzili and Chat [Çat] by the Gendarmerie commander Tevfik Bey, it was reported that despite the Muslim population pleading to spare the women and children, as they grew distressed by the cries and screams that emanated during the massacre, Tevfik Bey ignored them. The statements of Muslims should be collected and reported back.



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Yozgat 07



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