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Yozgat Gendarmerie commander Tevfik Bey engaged in gang-like activity during the course of the deportation with a group of cutthroats and bandits that he had recruited. The Armenian men of Yozgat were robbed and murdered in the village of Tashpinar [Taşpınar]; their women and children were supposed to be sent off to Kayseri but they separated out the beautiful women and girls and then slaughtered the rest of them, dumping them in the river called Karasu and burning the Armenian villages.

In the telegram sent by Emin Bey, while he requests [of Nedim Bey] that documents be sent back to him, ones that apparently are in his possession and relate to the crimes that had been committed by County Executive Kemal Bey during the Armenian deportation, the investigation that he had conducted in 1916 covered the looting and abuses that occurred in connection with Armenian abandoned properties by County Executive Kemal Bey and his friends and also the incident involving Gendarmerie Commander Ihsan Efendi who had raped the daughter of an Armenian named Arapoglu [Arapoğlu]. The documents in question had been sent to the ministry and based on that the ministry had decided to move forward with prosecution which was ratified by the Council of State. The Yozgat Appellate Court had sentenced the County Executive and his accomplices to various punishments. He had let the ministry know about the other incidents that had occurred during the deportation by reporting what he knew and his opinions verbally.

There is no evidence whatsoever of a rebellion movement within Bogazlian [Boğazlıyan] county. Almost all of the Armenian villages that are part of the county have been cleared out by the County Executive and Township director. The Armenian children [left] in the villages cannot even step outside their homes much less venture out into the villages where they reside. Because of the sad state of affairs, there has been horrible looting taking place by the gendarmerie in the county, Circassian officers and the Muslim population. The army unit command office has made it known that the state treasury is going to be seriously impacted by this.

Turning over copies of the telegrams sent during the month of July 1915, by Colonel Sahap [Şahap] Bey, commander of the Kayseri division, to Colonel Recai Bey, from the Kayseri central office.

Presentation of a coded telegram sent by the Division Commander of Kayseri, Colonol Sahabettin [Şahabettin] Bey, in 1918, and whose original or copy it is requested be taken from the Fifth Army Corps.

The presentation of the official communique sent from the presidential office of the courts regarding Hamparsum, member of the Appellate Court of Yozgat and whether the aforementioned had been deported.

With the deportation of Armenians from Yozgat, Hamparsum Efendi, a member of the Court was unable to continue his duties and therefore the court council has been short staffed. Whatever is necessary to prevent court matters from being delayed should be done.

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