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No one has intervened in the Turks' attack of the same village and that Sheikh Ali, Mustafa and Sakir [Şakir] are behind this.

Despite not having the authority to do so, it is known that the Fifth Army Corps Command office recruited Muslims into the Gendarmerie, on demand and that their names and other characteristics were documented in a ledger. A certified copy of this ledger must be sent.

If there are telegrams dating from January and February 1919 that were sent by the Deputy District Governor Kemal, Gendarmerie Battalion Commander Tevfik and the Director of Fondations, Feyyaz Efendi, who have been arrested in connection with the Yozgat killings and whose trials are now in progress, they must be sent.

The record which contains the names of the 1,500 slain individuals that Branch Director Mustafa Efendi wrote about in his telegram, must be sent.

Request that copies of the order that was sent by the provincial office to the District Governor's office of Yozgat, following the official communique that was sent by Recai Bey, the Deputy Commander of the Army Corps, on 28 August 1915 [15 Ağustos 331] along with the response back to Recai Bey be forwarded.

Request that copies of the telegrams sent from Tevfik Bey, the Commander of the Gendarmerie Battalion of Yozgat to the Gendarmerie Battalion Command Office of Ankara during the months of July, August and September 1915.

Not only Armenians, but Muslims of conscience, are ready to come forward to prove that Halit Bey, the county executive for the county, who was the most active executive agent for the former administration, acted quite brazenly during the deportation and then afterwards engaged in seizure of properties when he became part of the abandoned properties commissions, taking over properties with Edhem Efendi of Kirsehir[ Kırşehir].

During a time when the state is occupied with war, the Armenians are preparing for revolution. Their aim is to establish an independent Armenia and therefore they have supported the invasion by the Russians. At issue is the presence of Armenians in the service of the government who possess seditious sentiments.

The finance officer in Yozgat acted in accordance with orders; it was necessary to go above those who are employed in the lower and appellate courts along with schools, "Regie" (Administration of the Tobacco Monopoly) and Ziraat Bank. A determination is to be made regarding whether Armenians appointed in various administrative and municipal capacities along with members of certain commissions will continue in their positions.

The names of Armenians serving in the lower and appellate courts need to be made known. If Armenians who are members of administrative and municipal assemblies are not going to be deported, they should continue in their positions. Those serving in commissions should be discharged.

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[This is a long document, so consult excel documentation for full summary]



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