Education and Public Enterprise: A Necessary Relationship?

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The Clark University President’s Lecture Series presented Ellen Condliffe Lagemann, Charles Warren Professor of History of American Education at Harvard University.

Professor Lagemann is former Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and author of many books on issues in K-12 education. She is one of the most thoughtful voices on education reform in America.

Professor Lagemann is a leading historian of education and a nationally known expert on education research. Formerly president of the Chicago-based Spencer Foundation, Lagemann was also a professor at New York University, where she served as chair of the Department of the Humanities and the Social Sciences and director of the Center for the Study of American Culture and Education in the School of Education. Before joining the faculty at NYU, Lagemann taught for 16 years at Teachers College, Columbia University, and was also a member of the Department of History at Columbia.


Ellen Condliffe Lagemann

The Clark University President’s Lecture Series

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