Educating...for what?: Effective Practice

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Higgins School of Humanities, Difficult Dialogues, Effective Practice, video recording


Higgins School of the Humanities/Difficult Dialogues: Video Recording from 09/27/2011 event featuring John Makransky and Alan Lightman titled "Effective Priactice"

Event Description: At Clark, we have chosen to focus on the concept of effective practice as we rethink our curriculum. What is the nature of practice? What makes something a practice? Does practice serve our intentions, or open unexpected pathways? What does it mean if we also ask it to be effective? And what forms of practice do the humanities cultivate?

Our guests for a conversation about practice are John Makransky, Professor of Buddhism and comparative theology at Boston College and a teacher in the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, and Alan Lightman, physicist, writer and activist, and adjunct faculty member at MIT. They both have lives profoundly rooted in questions of practice.


John Makransky and Alan Lightman

"Effective Practice"

Clark University, Higgins School of Humanities

Difficult Dialogues

September 27, 2011

RT: 92 minutes, hosted in Dana Commons

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