Educating...for what?: Livelihood and Vocation

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Higgins School of Humanities, Difficult Dialogues, Livelihood, Vocation, video recording


Higgins School of the Humanities/Difficult Dialogues: Video Recording from 10/18/2011 event featuring Lynn Pasquerella and David Angel titled "Livlihood and Vocation"

Event Description: Some of the most vocal challenges to higher education imply that a liberal education does not have direct vocational application. What good is it? the critics ask. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg didn’t finish college.

What is the responsibility of a college or university in ensuring that students have membership in an economy? And what actually best prepares them to do so? How do we define economy? Is the best preparation for a career the same or different than preparation for a discerning and meaningful life? In what ways do the humanities contribute to all these kinds of development? How can we better assist our students in joining their work with their ideals?

Our guests for a conversation on livelihood are Lynn Pasquerella, President of Mount Holyoke College, and David Angel, President of Clark University.


Clark President David Angel and Mount Holyoke College President Lynn Pasquerella

"Livelihood and Vocation"

Clark University, Higgins School of Humanities

Difficult Dialogues

October 18, 2011

RT: 77 minutes, hosted in Dana Commons

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