Kathryn Abrams, J.D.: Rebuilding Reproductive Freedom in Abortion-Restrictive States

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How are organizers confronting post-Roe restrictions on reproductive rights? Kathryn Abrams, Herma Hill Kay Distinguished Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Center for Reproductive Rights and Justice at the UC Berkeley School of Law, will address this question and more as she examines recent experiences in several abortion restrictive states, mainly in the mid-west. Abrams will look at the external challenges organizers face in educating and mobilizing the public and in navigating the efforts of state officials to thwart changes that actually enjoy majority support, even in conservative states. Additionally, Abrams will consider the internal challenges that organizers encounter in framing the movement for the public and identifying the most compelling consequences of restriction. How can organizers rebuild abortion rights without neglecting the broader agenda of reproductive justice: access to reproductive healthcare of all kinds and the ability to raise children one chooses to have with dignity and material sufficiency? Finally, Abrams will discuss ways that organizers have moved to mitigate the damage of abortion restriction among those most affected, while simultaneously advocating for change.

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