The Campaign of Minor BO: A Conversation With Film Director Todd Drezner

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How did Todd Drezner, a committed liberal and resident of deep blue New York City, find himself in Delbarton, West Virginia filming the campaign of Bo Copley, a Christian conservative running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate? As Drezner writes, “While the unemployed coal miner and everyday working class person are stock characters in our political dialogue, it’s rare to see such a person actually make a run for real political power. And like any real person, Bo is much more than a stereotype; he’s his own individual who brought a unique story to his campaign. And it’s safe to say that the campaign was one of the most meaningful times in Bo’s life. I hope that by bringing it to a wide audience, I can help people on the right and the left look past stereotypes, empathize with each other, and recognize that all of us have stories worth telling.”


Rob Boatright-Professor and Chair of Political Science

Soren Sorensen-Lecturer in Screen Studies

Todd Drezner-Film Director

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