What Just Happened and Where Do We Go From Here: Lessons from Black Studies on Political Activism, Elections, and Democracy Past and Present.

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Today we honor the extraordinary life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As a champion of racial equality and social justice, and an advocate of nonviolent civil disobedience, Dr. King taught us that change requires persistence and resolve. He challenged us to open our hearts and minds to others’ realities, and to widen our eyes to the injustice that must be overcome to truly realize the foundational principles of our democracy.

While we are closer to the brighter future Dr. King imagined, his vision is still not a reality for far too many. Recent events and the impact of the COVID pandemic have shone an even brighter light on these deep-seated inequities. Today, as we celebrate the change that Dr. King inspired, I hope each of us also rededicates ourselves to the values he so firmly held and that are core to our University community: fairness, respect, civility, and commitment to progress.

Dean of the Faculty Esther Jones and a panel of experts will reflect upon Dr. King’s life of service and sacrifice in the context of the challenges we continue to face today.

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