Educating...for what?: Creativity and Resilience

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Higgins School of Humanities, Difficult Dialogues, Creativity, Resilience, video recording


Higgins School of the Humanities/Difficult Dialogues: Video Recording from 12/1/2011 event featuring Katja Esson, Li- Young Lee and Alison Granucci titled "Creativity and Resilience"

Event Description: To be creative is one of life’s most engaging and satisfying experiences. Can we insure that students trust those capacities and processes in themselves, and develop reliable paths toward them? Can we encourage the cultivation of the imagination in our students, as well as the resilience to weather discouragement, whether in their creative search or other aspects of life?

Our guests for a conversation on creativity and resilience are filmmaker Katja Esson, poet Li-Young Lee, and co-producer Alison Granucci. They are collaborators on the new film Poetry of Resilience.


Katja Esson, Li- Young Lee and Alison Granucci

"Creativity and Resilience"

Clark University, Higgins School of Humanities

Difficult Dialogues

December 1, 2011

RT: 97 minutes, hosted in Dana Commons

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