Post-Election 2020: What Just Happened?

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With the understanding that the election may still be undecided, we will gather the day-after for a virtual conversation about the results. Bring your questions for Clark’s experts, as we address: what we know about election returns; when and how decisions will be made and how information will be communicated; the important roles played by different constituencies in the process; the historical precedents involved; and the psychological impacts of perceived threats, uncertainty, resistance, and protest.

Moderated by:

  • Esther Jones (Dean of the Faculty/English/Comparative Race & Ethnic Studies): Critical race studies

With panelists:

  • Rob Boatright (Political Science): American political parties & campaigns and election
  • Jack Delehanty (Sociology): Progressive religious activism and conservative Christian discourse
  • Mark Miller (Political Science/Law & Society): Congress and the courts
  • Ousmane Power-Greene (History): African American social and political movements
  • Johanna Vollhardt (Psychology): Psychology of collective violence, oppression, and resistance

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