Home Invasions: A Narrative Ethic of Race and Privacy

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Clark University paid tribute to a beloved and innovative professor, the late Winston Napier, by hosting a conference on the directions of African American studies in the 21st century. "Evolutionary Momentum in African American Studies--Legacy and Future Direction.”

The two-day conference honored the late professor's success in founding the African American Intellectual Culture Series (AAICS), sponsored by the Alice Coonley Higgins School of Humanities at Clark. Prominent scholars in African American Studies, many of whom were part of the AAICS, spoke at the conference. Kayla FC Holloway, Ph.D., James B. Duke Professor of English at Duke University, delivered the keynote address, "Home Invasions: A Narrative Ethic of Race and Privacy”. Holloway was one of the first speakers in the AAICS.


Karla FC Holloway

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