Educating...for what?: Inquiry and Reflection

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Higgins School of Humanities, Difficult Dialogues, Inquiry, Reflection, audio recording


Higgins School of the Humanities/Difficult Dialogues: Video Recording from 11/16/2011 event featuring Cynthia Enloe and Frederick Luis Aldama titled "Inquiry and Reflection"

Event Description: Freedom of inquiry (and the possibilities for discovery, insight and expanding knowledge that can flow from it) is fundamental to the experience of learning. Yet rarely do we pause to ask about inquiry itself, and to consider its practices. How do we best encourage authentic inquiry, in ourselves and in our students? To what do we give our attention, and why? What promotes the possibility of new discoveries and insights?

Our guests for a conversation on inquiry are Frederick Luis Aldama of Ohio State University, a prolific scholar of wide-ranging interests, and Cynthia Enloe, research professor at Clark University, whose work is characterized by her subtle and provocative curiosity, and the asking of good questions.


Cynthia Enloe and Frederick Luis Aldama

"Inquiry and Reflection"

Clark University, Higgins School of Humanities

Difficult Dialogues

RT: 82 minutes, hosted in Dana Commons

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