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Funded by the Steinbrecher Fellowship, "Worcester Public Art for ESL Students" are original teaching materials (a 28-page booklet and worksheets) that utilize simple English to introduce some of Worcester's iconic public artworks. While the intended audience is English learners, the focus is on the content and is encouraged for use by anyone looking to enjoy and learn about Worcester history and art.

The booklet includes descriptions and histories of six Worcester artworks (Burnside Fountain, Soldiers' Monument, Major Taylor Statue, Mechanics Hall Mural, Rogers-Kennedy Memorial, and Chamberlain Fountain) with technical terms or difficult words bolded and explained in a glossary.

Eleanor Rueffer does literacy volunteering in Worcester through the Literacy Volunteers of Greater Worcester (LVGW) and noticed a lack of relevant materials geared toward adults. She wanted to make something that both learners and educators alike could use.

All photographs were taken by Eleanor Rueffer.

The primary downloadable file is the booklet. The supplementary file contains the practice questions.

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Worcester, art history, sculptures, murals, art, Burnside Fountain, Henry Bacon, Charles Harvey, Sherry Fry, Daniel Chester French, Worcester Commons, The Soldiers' Monument, Randolph Rogers, The Major Taylor Statue, Antonio Mendez, Mechanics Hall Mural, Morgan Blair, The Rogers-Kennedy Memorial, Elm Park, Maurice Sterne, Chamberlain Fountain, Andrew O'Connor, John J. Kittredge





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