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Winter 2023

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Jie Park


Bachelor of Arts


Community, Youth, and Education Studies


Tracks magazine is an art and literary magazine based in Worcester, MA. It was established in 2022 during the senior capstone sequence within the Community, Youth, & Education Studies department at Clark University. Tracks was created with the desire to provide another outlet for artists in the area to share and connect with others with the wider goal to explore the potential of art to enact social change and build community.

This project is for the entire main south neighborhood. This magazine is structured differently than most. Instead of having a small group of people create and determine the entirety of the magazine, Tracks is communally constructed meaning that everyone (regardless of age, background, experience, etc.) is encouraged to submit work.

The theme for this issue is "Bridge". The submissions depict a wide variety of interpretations to this theme, from bridges between people and communities, to bridges in music, and bridges between the past, present, and future.


Worcester, art, community, artists, magazine, zine, social change, Main South, neighborhoods, inclusivity, paintings, poems, poetry, photography, pottery, collective, Boys & Girls Club of Worcester


All artists and contributors are credited within. Full consent was given by artists and contributors to allow non-commercial access to their work within this issue. This is also an IRB approved project.

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