Course Number

CMLT 109

Syllabus Date

Fall 2011

Department course is offered by

CMLT - Comparative Literature

Course description

“Sexuality and Textuality” serves as an introduction to gay and lesbian literary studies and queer theory. It looks at questions of sexuality and literature in ancient and early modern texts (from the Hebrew, Greek and English traditions), as well as in modern texts (from German, French, Spanish, Japanese and English traditions). In addition to literary texts, students will work with a number of cinematic representations of queer sexuality. Besides these primary texts, students will work with important secondary literature about sexuality.

“Queer Theory at the Roundabout.” A special feature of the course this year will be a series of four lectures by scholars and activists from the region who are working on queer issues as they affect the world at large. Students will have the chance to develop their skills in thinking about sexuality and literature by working with these innovative scholars and activists.

A photo of this Fall 2011 class was taken as part of Professor Bob Tobin's ongoing class photo tradition.


literature, queer studies, queer theory, sexuality



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