Course Number

GERM 250

Syllabus Date

Spring 2012

Department course is offered by

GERM - German

Course description

German Film and the Frankfurt School is an introduction to German cinema and media criticism. It will introduce students to important German films that have had a global impact, significant theoretical approaches to those films (especially those from the “Frankfurt School”), and the historical and cultural contexts in which these films and film theories arose. The class is cross-listed in German, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and Screen Studies. It provides a survey of an important art-form in German cultural history. Although National Socialism, the Holocaust and the Second World War are not the only themes of the course, they are central to twentieth-century German cultural production and will frequently be topics of discussion. As one of the great national cinematic traditions, German film will provide screen studies students with access to many iconic moments in global cinema. The focus on the Frankfurt School will provide an important theoretical base for discussing film and culture more generally.

A photo of this Spring 2012 class was taken as part of Professor Bob Tobin's ongoing class photo tradition.


German, Germany, film, German film, German Expressionism



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