Course Number

CMLT 132

Syllabus Date

Fall 2008

Faculty Member

Robert D. Tobin

Department course is offered by

CMLT - Comparative Literature

Course description

“Sexuality and Textuality” serves as an introduction to gay and lesbian studies and queer theory in an international and intercultural context. As we study the representation of sexuality in a variety of cultural contexts, we will ask and begin to answer such questions as:

How does the sexuality of a writer expresses itself in his or her writings?
How does the sexuality of a reader affect his or her reading?
How do rhetoric and language themselves inform sexuality?
Is there such a thing as a sexual culture or subculture?
Is sexuality comparable to gender, race or religion as a marker and signifier of identity?


comparative literature, LGBTQ+, queer studies, gender studies, syllabus, syllabi



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