Course Number

GERM 286; LS 286; HGS 286

Syllabus Date

Spring 2010

Faculty Member

Robert D. Tobin

Department course is offered by

GERM - German

Course description

This class studies the expression of cultural identity in central European literature. How have people come to think of themselves or others as “Germans,” “Jews,” “Turks,” or some combinations thereof? While the Holocaust is obviously central to the German-Jewish relationship, it is not the only focus of this course—we will read literary reflections of the emancipation of the Jews, of German-Jewish assimilation and symbiosis, of the rise of anti-Semitism and Zionism, as well as attempts to remember the past. And while the long history of the relationship between Jews and non-Jews in Germany will be a major component of our course, we will also study the emergence of Turkish culture in the German- speaking world and conclude with reflections on Germany today as a multicultural nation.

A photo of this Spring 2010 class was taken as part of Professor Bob Tobin's ongoing class photo tradition. The photograph was taken by Stephen DiRado as part of his Classroom Series.


Turkey, Germany, national identity, antisemitism, Zionism



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