Course Number

CMLT 133

Syllabus Date

Fall 2010

Department course is offered by

CMLT - Comparative Literature

Course description

What happens when we think of sexuality, with all of its transgressive and individualistic energies, in terms of rationally established universal human rights? Literary texts that focus on individual cases in the context of larger cultural and social traditions with a particular attention to the power of language can help us sort through some of the complex ideas that emerge from a discussion of sexual rights. In this class, we will focus on controversial issues--like sadism, masochism, male homosexuality, lesbianism, age of consent, prostitution, polygamy and transsexuality—that bring rights conflicts to the forefront.

A photo of this Fall 2010 class was taken as part of Professor Bob Tobin's ongoing class photo tradition.


sexuality, queer studies, human rights



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