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A handwritten note, stating that the telegraph sent by the CUP Adana Branch to the Central Committee in Thessaloniki on 19 March 1919, informed that the Armenians would rebel and requested that a shortcut be taken to prevent this from happening.

A note by a French official at the Consulate in Mersin, stating that the Adana Governor-General Cevad Bey had said, "How could I have stopped a massacre organized by the CUP?" An excerpt from G. Brezol (???).

The handwritten note, explaining that in the telegraph sent by the CUP Branch in Adana to 18 different villages and towns, it stated that Armenians who were rebelling were going to join forces with the Armenians in the villages and stage a massacre, and that the response telegraph stated they needed to act before this could happen and take the necessary precautions; the note cites the Mizan Newspaper. The telegraph's date is estimated to be March 1909.

French-Armenian text

Armenians are getting ready to rebel, according to Turkish note. Armenian party got hold of this note.

The telegraph sent by the CUP Adana Branch to Thessaloniki and Istanbul on 19 March 1919, stating that the Armenians were going to massacre the Muslims, and the response telegraphs stating that necessary precautions should be taken using shortcuts; taken from Hagop Terzian's 1912 book "The Tragedy of Cilicia."

The speech given by the Adana Military Commander Remzi Pasha to his soldiers, ordering them to leave alone predatory Muslims, but to kill the Christians they saw on site; taken from Terzian's book, "The Tragedy of Cilicia."



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