Course Number

PSYC 240

Syllabus Date

Fall 2018

Faculty Member

Rachel FalmagneFollow

Department course is offered by

PSYC - Psychology

Course description

This seminar is centered on Critical Race Theory. It examines the historical construction of the concept of race, the socio-political construction of racial categories, and the ways in which ‘race’ shapes the social world; and it places a major emphasis on viewing racism as a systemic phenomenon that structures societies at all levels and in all domains. The aims of the course are (a) to provide students with a critical appreciation of the historical construction of ‘race’ and of the complex ways it functions in society, from economic and social inequalities to the workings of social institutions to individual perspectives and experiences; and (b) to help students use this perspective as an analytic tool for understanding the world around them, for examining how their own identities in this racialized social world have shaped their experiences, and for strengthening their understanding of the experiences of people from different ‘racial’ groups. Readings, films, class activities and assignments are designed to promote these aims and to engage students’ thinking about the role they want to play as a social agent

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