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BCMB 276

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BCMB - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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In BCMB 276, we shall discuss frequently used techniques and methods used in research laboratories, both in academia or industry. If you want to learn about these methods and how they are used in research, this is a course you should take. Students with chemistry, biochemistry or biology backgrounds shall all benefit from this course.

Course description: An in-depth discussion of tools and techniques of chemical biology and its applications in research, with a focus on cancer research. After discussion of the chemical tools, we shall study current research utilizing these tools to address biological problems. Some techniques that will be covered are chemical and biological library synthesis, library screening methods, quantitative techniques such as Fluorescence polarization, Surface Plasmon Resonance, Isothermal Calorimetry. Biological research problems such as kinase inhibition, modulation of protein protein interactions, targeted protein degradation in live cells and live cell imaging using bio-orthogonal reporters will be discussed.

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