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Spring 2015

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GSOM - Graduate School of Management

Course description

This graduate level course examines the relationship between the governments (i.e. local, state, and national) role in managing public affairs and implementing public policies. Specifically, it examines the formulation, adoption, implementation, and evaluation of public policy and its effect upon individual citizens as well as the broad public, private and non-profit sectors of society. The historical context of public administration is considered, along with key elements, broadly associated with public service in a democratic society.

It is impossible to cover in one introductory course the scope of didactic material from the academic discipline of public administration. Therefore, this course attempts to familiarize the student with certain key considerations of contemporary public administration and public policy. Students will then be asked to analyze a significant policy and track its effect(s) upon a private, public, or non-profit entity.

This course will be conducted as an online/distance learning seminar and, as such, students must be self-directed and prepared to discuss weekly reading assignments and participate in analysis of case studies.

The specific competencies developed in this course are:

  1. Awareness of public administration as a field of academic study and application,
  2. Knowledge of the political and organizational context of public administration,
  3. A working knowledge of how public policy is conceived, adopted, implemented, and evaluated, and
  4. How key elements of public administration and policy development effect society.

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