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Spring 2015

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COPACE - College of Professional and...

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This course is designed to create an understanding of the role of strategic marketing in public and nonprofit organizations. The student will draw from the text material, supplemental readings and discussions and conduct an “organizational analysis” of a community-based nonprofit or public entity. The focus of the organizational analysis will be to both assess the company’s broad marketing capabilities and to recommend a marketing communications plan intended to further its overall strategic mission, vision, and goals. Aspects of the strategic organizational marketing planning process, action vs. image marketing goals, the marketing mix, the marketing portfolio plan, target market(s) selection, and customer criteria choice, and associated elements of the marketing strategy will be discussed and demonstrated.

Philip Kotler (2008) asserts that marketing may be “the most critical discipline needed for nonprofit influence behavior in a wide range of key target markets. Marketing is the behavioral influence function [of organizations].”

This course explores the process of marketing as a subset of the overall strategy of public or nonprofit organizational management.

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