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Spring 2017

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COPACE - College of Professional and...

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is a general survey of the People's Republic of China from the overthrow of the Manchu Dynasty in 1911 and the emergence of the Chinese Civil War and the Chinese Communist Revolution of 1949 to the present and the regime of Deng Xiaoping. The course involves a detailed chronological overview of the historical events and causes leading up to the Chinese Communist Revolution of 1949, the origins of Chinese Communist ideology known as Maoism, the struggle of the CCP in the early years to collectivize agriculture and to industrialize, the Great Leap Forward, the Five Year Plans, and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. In addition to a study of the primary issues and events of the People's Republic, the course will attempt to penetrate the Chinese village in order to understand traditional rural culture and the nature of peasant society. Finally, the course will emphasize the historical and ideological evolution of the CCP with special emphasis on Mao and the post-Mao era. Students will be asked to develop a thematic thesis paper or project on an important aspect of Chinese society. This project will be presented as an aspect of the class presentations. Projects may include aspects of Chinese politics, economics, social structure, family life, agriculture, technology, foreign affairs, education, and art and music.

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