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Fall 2022

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Julio D'ArcyFollow

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CHEM - Chemistry

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This course strives to present a picture of the energy landscape by addressing the synthesis and characterization of materials that play active roles in anodes and cathodes in electrochemical energy storage applications such as batteries and supercapacitors. Through this course, students will discover chemistries and structure-property relationships in semiconductors and solid-state materials spanning the inorganic and organic spectrum. Organic electronic materials with applications in flexible and wearable electronics will be investigated by delving into polymerization mechanisms. During lectures, step-growth, chain-growth, oxidative radical polymerization, and acid catalyzed polymerization will be central in discussions. Semiconductors (Si), carbon allotropes (graphene) and metal oxides (MnO2) will serve as pedagogical platforms for investigating electronic properties in electrodes. Developing a dialogue that addresses the importance of crystallinity, doping, and electronic conductivity in semiconducting nanomaterials will be a goal in lectures. This course demonstrates seminal interconnectivity between chemistry and engineering for addressing sustainability challenges and as a consequence, students will learn novel strategies for advancing the field of energy storage. Cyclic voltammetry, galvanostatic charge-discharge curves, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, and spectroscopic techniques for characterizing materials will also be discussed.

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