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This report examines the Performance Management Plans (PMPs) of the six transuranic (TRU) waste sites (Rocky Flats Plant, Hanford, Idaho National Lab, Los Alamos National Lab, the Oak Ridge Reservation, and the Savannah River Site) to the PMP of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant's (WIPP) (located in southeastern New Mexico) , to see how the WIPP Plan and the major individual site plans relate.

The report also analyzes how well each site and WIPP are meeting the goals and milestones of the plans, discusses how well projected cost savings are justified, and reviews regulatory and other relevant issues. The analysis primarily covers the first two+ years of the plans, updating the information through at least 2004, and in some cases, up to July 2005.

The report includes separate chapters on each of the seven sites and its PMP. Each chapter includes six sections:

* A background briefly describes the site and its mission and role regarding TRU waste.

* The TRU waste inventory is examined by comparing the WIPP PMP with the site PMP, as well as comparing the inventory in other site or official documents.

* Waste shipment projections are compared with the WIPP PMP, the site PMP, and DOE’s Budget Requests to Congress.

* Cost savings provided in the PMP are reviewed and analyzed.

* Regulatory compliance issues regarding TRU waste management are identified and analyzed.

* Other relevant issues are discussed.


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nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons testing, environment, non-governmental organizations, United States Department of Energy, tribal governments, environmental cleanup, radioactive fallout, radioactive waste


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The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant: How Well is



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