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Spring 4-2022


This collection is comprised of newspaper volumes, illustrated magazines, lantern slides, and 2 pamphlets donated by Dr. Cynthia H. Enloe. The materials were collected by the donor’s father Dr. Cortez F. Enloe, Jr. in 1930s Germany.

The 4 newspaper volumes (February 1936- June 1936) belong to 4 publishers in Frankfurt, Munich, and Heidelberg: Volksgemeinschaft Heidelberger Beobachter, General Anzeiger der Stadt Frankfurt, Das Illustrierte Blatt, and Munchner Illustrierte Presse. The 10 magazine volumes (June 1936-May 1937) belong to 3 publishers in Munich and Berlin: Munchner Illustrierte Presse, Das Illustrierte Blatt, and Illustrierter Beobachter. These periodicals reveal the increasing influence of Nazi leadership on German media, as seen through the propagandizing of the Berlin Olympics and the 550th anniversary of Heidelberg University. The 9 lantern slides document the US Trial of Nazi Physicians in 1945; the images range from prisoner experimentation, the trial itself, and executions of the condemned. The collection also contains 3 booklets on the National Socialist Party, the anniversary of Heidelberg University, Communism in Germany, and Dr. Enloe’s corresponding notes.