School of Professional Studies


Yan Shi

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)


School of Professional Studies

Chief Instructor

Richard Aroian


Social media plays a significant role in social communication and interaction, connecting people from different continents and facilitating information flaws worldwide. Meanwhile, along with the evolution of embedded recommender algorithms that clustering people with similar demographic features, social media has become the most important means of communication for modern society. However, the prosper of interconnecting platforms also have potential flows alongside. One of the major issues is the unexpected political consequence. This paper delivers the first comprehensive analysis of the political impacts posed by social media and embedded recommending algorithms. The article identifies three major political concerns through literature review, including political polarization, political manipulation, and populism. A systematic analysis was presented to interpret the emerging political issues underneath the unified interrelated platform and access social networking's political challenges.



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